Yoga Instruction

There are many physical, mental and emotional health benefits associated with practicing yoga and BeachBee Yoga offers something for everyone. From the beginner student coming to the mat for the first time, to those seeking more depth in the classic poses, or new moms just getting back into the swing of things, we offer a variety of instruction to suite the needs of just about anyone.

Practitioners new to yoga can expect a gentle introduction to the postures with plenty of guidance regarding alignment and breath work.  This introductory class is taught in a welcoming, non-heated environment.

Gentle Flow
Explore fluidity of movement and build upon the foundation of yoga learned in Fundamentals in this class designed to prepare students for the quicker pace of Vinyasa.

Yin / Deep Stretch
Slow things down, increase circulation in the joints, and improve flexibility by holding postures for longer periods of time and giving the body a chance to truly surrender.

Candlelight Flow
This mixed-level warm class practiced in the soft glow of candlelight is all about spreading the love and igniting fire in the heart.

Yogis with a steady practice should expect a challenging flow-based session with a focus on smooth breath work and incorporation of inversions and balancing postures throughout a sequence.

Hot Vinyasa
Pick up the tempo and begin your heated journey. Yogis are guaranteed to break a sweat, find more depth in postures, and play with funky transitions as they flirt with a new healthy edge.

Yoga Sculpt
Switch up your normal routine by adding weights into your Vinyasa flow and give your cardio a boost in this warm class unlike anything else you’ve done before.

Increase body awareness, learn breathing techniques and skills for labor and delivery, connect with your baby, and enjoy a therapeutic practice under the guidance of a registered prenatal yoga teacher trained by one of the best in the field.

Mommy & Me (ages 1-4)
Recondition your body after pregnancy, relax tense muscles, and nurture the parent-child bond by moving through a series of postures with your little one in a friendly and laid back class.

Community Yoga ($10 drop in)
Join us for a community mixed-level class in a safe, nurturing environment where everybody is inspired to practice yoga and let their inner light shine!

Private Individual Instruction
For new, continuing, and experienced students. Individual instruction offers clients personalized sequences based on individual needs and goals, taught in quiet and private studio setting at BeachBee Yoga in downtown Havre de Grace, Maryland. Private sessions can help practitioners find a deeper practice, establish a home practice, and gain confidence.

Private Group Instruction
Start girls night with Yoga ‘Wine’ Down after a busy work week, recover from a bachelorette party pre-brunch, or kick off team building and offsite meetings with a little OM. The options are endless! Please contact for more details.

Corporate Wellness
Please contact if interested in starting a wellness program at your place of employment. Flexible options available to meet the needs of your employees.