BeachBee Team


Christina Bollino ~ ERYT, BeachBee Yoga Studio Owner/Manager

Christina joins the BeachBee Yoga team as the new studio owner / manager and holds a 200hr teacher training from Yoga on York located in Baltimore, Maryland. Christina is a professionally trained ballroom dancer and has been teaching dance since 2002. Her strength and grace on the mat is a result of dedicated dance training and she easily incorporates that elegant movement into her yoga classes. Christina also enjoys gentle and restorative teaching with a focus on promoting relaxation and stress reduction. She began her journey on the mat as a teenager and was immediately drawn to the wonderful mind, body, spirit, and holistic health benefits from a constant yoga practice and found it to be a nice compliment to her dancing.

Christina is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor and has a Masters in Nutrition and Integrative Health. Her goal with clients is to help them achieve optimal health so she regularly mixes up her yoga classes and teaching style to incorporate barre, pilates, cardio, and strength training to keep clients engaged and excited about coming back to the mat time and time again.


Allyson Santorelli is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). An active child, Allyson grew up playing sports and exercising daily as a hobby. In 2010, her hobby turned professional when she began teaching group fitness classes in addition to her full-time job. Allyson continues to teach dance fitness as well as strength training classes, incorporating the flexibility and balance concepts from Pilates and yoga wherever she can. Having a passion for the mind-body principles of Pilates and yoga, she furthers her knowledge base by continuing her education in these formats. In her spare time, Allyson enjoys cooking, travelling, and hiking with her husband and dogs.


malinda pic

MaLinda Ross has practiced yoga for nearly 8 years and recently completed YTT with Liberty Yoga, May 2017.  During MaLinda’s first ever yoga class (almost 15 years ago) she found herself distracted and uninterested. Some years later a friend told her how great yoga was and talked her into taking a class. Going into the yoga class with an open mind she enjoyed every moment of it! After several months of taking a regular class, MaLinda realized that yoga was more than just a physical practiced her weeks became less stressful and she was happier. On weeks she missed class her mood was unbalanced and her husband would even comment  “make sure you go to yoga next week”.  Eventually MaLinda decided it was  time to deepen her practice not only for herself, but so she could give back  to the community what was so graciously given to her; a balanced mind,  body and soul.  MaLinda enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, nature, camping, photography and helping others to find peace and happiness.


Meghan Staley started practicing yoga as a form of physical exercise over ten years ago. Over time, her relationship with the practice evolved, as she realized the mental and emotional benefits of yoga. Yoga also became a spiritual practice for Meghan, as she began to understand the connection that yoga reveals, between her mind, body, and spirit, other people, and the universe. Meghan is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. Her classes utilize physical postures, deep breathing, mindfulness, and music and allow her students to tune in to themselves and to connect with the world around them. Meghan firmly  believes that yoga is for everyone, and strives to make her classes accessible to students of all levels.


staff-logoKaren Clark has been practicing yoga regularly for over 6 years and quickly fell in love. Karen first came to the mat for balance and centering in her life, and in her work out programs. Yoga truly soothes her soul. She just knew that she wanted to share this passion with others, so when a Yoga Teacher Training came up at Beach Bee it was a perfect fit. Karen feels that it is a great blessing and honor to build people up, offer them hope and courage through yoga. Karen is a registered 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. Karen is excited to guide you in your practice and to see how yoga touches your life!


staff-logo Jennifer Deckman began doing yoga in 2017 and fell in love with it almost instantly. After taking a yoga class at a gym she wasn’t sure but decided to check out the studio atmosphere at Beachbee. Two classes in, Jen was hooked to yoga! She fell in love with the mind/body connection that yoga supports. Being able to live her life with a new perspective has been so inspiring that she knew she wanted to share her love of yoga with others. She graduated with her RYT200 in the Fall of 2018. As a yoga instructor, Jen hopes to break down stereotypes about what yoga is and who it’s for. Her goal is to teach skeptics that yoga is for EVERYbody!  Jen’s husband and daughters have enjoyed learning yoga as a result of her passion for it. She hopes that having her girls practice at such a young age will help inspire them for years to come.

 Maria Wright leads classes in meditation and yoga nidra (guided yogic relaxation). Her classes make traditional meditative practices accessible to everyone. They include techniques to cultivate focus, introspection and compassion, imaginative guided visualizations, and sound meditation with Himalayan singing bowls. Her interest in contemplative practices began in college, where she minored in Asian Religions and majored in Art History. Years later, she began taking yoga classes which included meditation, yoga nidra and chanting, and invited (dragged) her friends to try them. Maria observed the positive impact these practices had on her best friend as he recovered from a serious illness, and was inspired to share them with others to aid in healing and maintaining overall well-being. She completed her teacher training in the Hatha-Raja Yoga tradition of Swami Satyananda Saraswati in 2009, and has also trained in sound healing/meditation, yoga therapy and reiki.